Instructions For Joining and earning e-box tops.


— Before you can earn e-box tops, you first have to join

1) Go to
2) Click on “Join Box Tops” at the top of the page.
3) Follow the 3 Steps to join.
a) “Search For Your School.”
— Type “El Paso Country Day School” in the box provided.
— Click on the “Find Your School” box.
— EPCDS will now show up.  Click on “Select this school.”
b) “Tell Us About Yourself”
— Enter your first name, last name, ZIP Code and birthday in the boxes provided.
— Click “Continue”
c) “Tell Us About Yourself”
— Enter your e-mail address and password in the boxes provided.
— Click “Submit.”

— You are now registered with  All e-box tops you earn will automatically go to the EPCDS account.

Earning e-box tops

There are two ways to earn e-box tops;
a) By doing various things (e.g. taking surveys, watching videos) on the website.  This doesn’t earn a whole lot, but it’s free and every little bit helps.
b) By making purchases through the Marketplace.   This can potentially make a lot of money for the school.
— The boxtops4education Marketplace is a collection of a LOT of stores that offer e-box tops for online purchases.  As of 9/23/12 there were 175 stores in the Marketplace to include Gap, Sears, Nook, the Apple Store, Bloomingdales, the Disney store, DSW, Expedia,, Travelocity, Think Geek, 1-800-Flowers, Ann Taylor (and loft), Banana Republic, Best Buy, Crate and Barrel, Dell, Discovery Store, Sony, Starbucks, Children’s Place, and Old Navy.  In other words, it’s places that you’ve actually heard of.

— It also includes for all your ferret care needs.
— Each store offers a certain amount of e-box tops for a certain amount of purchases (e.g. 2 e-box tops for each $10 spent).

— As with the physical box tops, each e-box top is worth ten cents.
— Depending on what you’re buying, there is the potential to make a lot of money for the school (e.g. airline tickets through

— Follow the directions below and whatever you earn will be automatically sent to the EPCDS account.

— Doing Various Things
— Log on to www.boxtops4education.
— You should see an option for earning free e-box tops.  Click on that area, and follow the instructions for whatever offers they have.
— These are usually things like watch a 2-minute video on the glories of Chex Mix and earn 2 e-box tops.  It’s not much, but every little bit helps.
— New offers come out every so often, and if you’ve already done one you typically can’t do it again.

— Making Purchases Through The Marketplace
— Log on to www.boxtops4education.
— Move the pointer so it’s over the “Earn” tab.
— A pop-up menu will appear.  Click on “Shop Marketplace.”
— There are two primary ways to search for what you want; searching by store or searching by product.

— Searching by store
— Click on the “See All Stores” button.
— This brings up a list of all retailers that participate in e-box tops.  Click on the icon for
the store you want.
— A window will now pop up with information on that store, including their rate for earning e-boxtops.
— Click on “See Restrictions.”  This brings up the rules for what items purchased from that company are eligible for e-boxtops.  You may want to doublecheck that what you’re about to purchase will earn e-boxtops, just to avoid confusion later if they don’t show up in the account.
— If you want to proceed, click on “Shop Now” in the popped up window.
— You will now be on the store’s website, but because you entered it through purchases will earn e-boxtops for EPCDS.
Just going directly to the store’s website will NOT earn e-boxtops.  You must get there through

— Searching by product
— Type what you’re looking for in the search box provided.
— If available, a list of the products will come up.
— Click on the icon for the item you want to purchase.
— Another window will now pop up.  Click on “Shop Now” box in that window.
— You will now see a screen telling you you’re entering the Marketplace and that lists the e-box top rate for that store, and any restrictions as to items that will not earn e-boxtops.  This window doesn’t stay up that long, but you can view the restrictions by following the “searching by store” instructions above.
— You will now be on the store’s website, but because you entered it through purchases will earn e-box tops for EPCDS.

Just going directly to the store’s website will NOT earn e-boxtops.  You must go through In addition, each time you want to make another purchase to earn e-box tops you must go through the above steps.  In other words, your computer will not ‘remember’ you’re in the Marketplace.