The school’s philosophy embodies the teachings of Jean Piaget, Erik H. Erickson, and Benjamin S. Bloom, among other experts. The systematic classification of what is learned in and out of the classroom is creatively structured upon Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. These comprehensive categories pertain to verbal information (knowledge, comprehension), intellectual skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation), motivations (emotion, identity, values), and motor skills. Each capability and quality is learned, nurtured, and developed alongside Piaget’s observations of the maturing child — giving an importance to the way children learn about the world and how ethical and moral developments directly impact each other.

Dealing with a new identity in an era of rapid change is something every modern student must contend with as he or she grows through childhood and becomes an adult. Administrators and teachers implement Erikson’s observations about developing identity and responsibility for adulthood. These are mingled with Jeffersonian ideals as to what constitutes individual adults who are mature enough to shoulder the weight of being active participants in a democracy.

EPCDS believes in the value and unique qualities of the individual. No two children learn in exactly the same manner, at the same pace, through the same senses, or from the same background of experience. Our mission is to provide a challenging and safe learning environment that is inherently enjoyable and rewarding. The international composition of the student body is highly valued as are the variety of races, cultures, and religious beliefs. Students are encouraged to see themselves as individuals as well as members of a group. Through community involvement, students learn that they are responsible not only for their own actions but also have a broader obligation to the community at large. Learning is presented as an intrinsic aspect of daily life that will continue as a lifelong process and endeavor. Therefore, we teach each student in a manner that attends to his or her individual learning style and rate of learning. We help all of our students to develop a commitment to a personal set of values and beliefs and to have the courage to defend them.