The EPCDS academic tradition is unrivaled. By implementing Tribes at all levels, from Pre-K students to school administrators, the school is truly a community of learners, united in its mission to prepare students for a lifetime of learning.

El Paso Country Day School implements a program called “Tribes,” this approach emphasizes community learning in small peer groups and represents a paradigm shift in the way classes are taught and in the way schools are organized.

“Tribes is an on-going goal-oriented process based on sound principles and practices that maximize academic, social and emotional development and learning for children.” (Gibbs, Jeanne. Tribes Learning Communities).

The climate in a Tribes school is safe, caring, and motivational for all-students, families, and teachers. The Tribes philosophy and way of teaching reflects the progressive learning that we live at EPCDS. Tribes empowers students to become active participants in the learning process and tear down the social barriers between students and teachers.

Gone are the days of a teacher standing in front of the classroom and lecturing. With Tribes, teachers become facilitators – guides – who’s role it is to oversee and guide the learning process, not command it.