Dear EPCDS Parents and Families,

We are quickly approaching the start of another Grizzly school year! Please make sure students continue to practice their academics. Teachers are happy to answer any questions or to meet with students over the remainder of the break.

As of July 9, 2020: Due to the increased community spread of COVID-19, the El Paso Department of Public Health released orders preventing schools from returning to in-person learning until September 8, 2020.

As you know, we are in uncharted territory as we try to navigate Covid-19 safely. The faculty and staff at El Paso Country Day School are dedicated to ensuring our learning community is as safe as possible, and we have planned this year with this as our main priority. Please read the following as it lists our action plan for the 2020-2021 academic year:

1.The school has been sanitized following guidelines and suggestions from the CDC and TEA. When school resumes, teachers and staff will perform recommended cleaning practices and safety measures. We will continue to implement new measures, as suggested throughout the school year.

2.If your child has a health condition, or if you prefer remote learning during these uncertain times, you can opt into our GIVE (Grizzly Interactive Virtual Education) program, which will share all of your child’s classes via virtual mediums. Those who choose this path will be assigned a GIVE guide who will act as your child’s partner during instructional times. Please let us know if you prefer this option.

3.EPCDS will have scattered arrival and dismissal times.

4.Alpha (7:45 am arrival – 3:00 pm departure)
Beta/Gamma (8:00 am arrival- 3:15 pm departure)
Delta/Epsilon (8:15 am arrival- 3:30 pm departure)
Zeta/Eta (8:30 am arrival- 3:45 pm departure)
Middle School (8:45 am arrival- 4:00 pm departure)

5.As children and teachers approach the school, indicators will remind them to keep a social distance; additionally, areas (inside and outside the school ) are marked to illustrate recommended safe spacing.

6.A staff member will take the children’s temperature using a no-contact thermometer before they enter the school. If the child does not have an elevated temperature, they will proceed to the sanitation station. There, they will sanitize their hands, put on a fresh mask daily, and disinfect the bottoms of their shoes. EVERYONE IS REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS. As such, all students will need to provide a box of children’s disposable face masks in addition to their usual school supplies. Parents, please introduce your children to face masks BEFORE school begins.

7.Students will then be instructed to go immediately to their classrooms. Only eight students will be in a classroom at any time. Desks, breezeways, and shared areas will be marked to help maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet at all times.

8.Students will not travel from class to class. Students will have a maximum of two teachers a day, and all teachers will maintain a 6-foot distance from kids unless working with them individually. In which case, partitions will separate students and teachers.

9.Students will have recess. Faculty and staff have worked on many ideas to ensure social distancing and safe, small group play.

10.Students will eat lunch in their classrooms. We are not yet sure if hot lunch will be an option as the CDC has recommended students provide their food. We will continue to monitor for updates.

11.Students will not be able to share materials, so all school supplies should be labeled appropriately before the first day of school.

12.On August 5th, we will have a virtual open house. Each family will have a scheduled time with their child’s homeroom teacher. The teacher will offer a virtual tour of the classroom, discuss classroom expectations, ease any student anxieties regarding changes, and provide parents with a small training on GIVE. We will email the time slots.

13.As per CDC regulations, if during the school year, a teacher or student tests positive for Covid-19, the school will close for two weeks. Before school resumes, we will sanitize the school according to CDC recommendations. Students will immediately switch to remote learning for the two-week duration. We will not miss a beat and will proceed with our regularly scheduled classes.

14.If your child is sick, DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. If you think your child might be getting sick, DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. If your child has been around someone who is ill, DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. Please DO NOT give your child Tylenol to reduce fever and then send them to school. We will need parents’ help to maintain a safe environment, and we know we can count on our community.

15.There will not be before or aftercare for children.

16.These steps are tentative, and we will continue to monitor recommendations.